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Our Team: Working For You.

While technology is our business, our Priority is You.


I’m Todd Lewis, Owner & Founder of Bytes Computer & Network Solutions. In 2001, my father Darrell and I started Bytes Computer with humble beginnings. Now, 15 years later, we conduct over 1.5 million dollars in business per year and provide cutting edge, reliable IT services for small businesses from Central Nebraska to Southeast Wyoming.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of growth and changes in technology and the impact this has on our clients, both good and bad. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that IT Service providers keep on top of these changes and advances in order to provide the highest quality service possible. It is our mission to do just that.

I am proud of every one of our employees. Their everyday work ethic & demeanor has proved over and again that they are as committed as I am to staying current and making sure your needs are met. Meet your team below, we look forward to serving you.

To your success,


What We Believe

We believe in integrity, we believe in our employees, we believe in our community, we believe in You!

You and your business are our priority, plain & simple, and taking care of you is at the top of our To-Do List. We pledge to always do the right thing, support our community, and conduct our business and personal lives with the utmost integrity.

Who We Are

Bytes Computer & Network Solutions is a tech sales, IT solutions and Managed Services company located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

We offer proactively managed network services, IT projects, custom applications, security, backup & disaster recovery, on-site & remote support, and more, to businesses and individuals.

Started in 2001 by Todd and Darrell Lewis, Bytes continues to work towards providing the best and most reliable IT solutions, managed services, Support, application development and PC service available.

Our Valuable Team Members

Todd Lewis
Todd Lewis President & Founder
I am a second generation IT specialist. Having been in the industry nearly 15 years, I’ve experienced a lot of growth and changes in technology. I pride myself on staying current and on the cutting edge of the industry, always educating myself and my employees on the newest technology available.
An avid golfer and fisherman, and dedicated family man, I love the outdoors and spending time with my family and friends.
Clint Bergman
Clint BergmanNetworking Support
I am an IT Professional with nearly 20 years’ experience ranging from supporting traditional desktops to the design, implementation and maintenance of networks, servers, storage, and virtualization. I enjoy taking the pain out of technology, making it work for people and businesses. Even though I love technology I treasure the time that I get to spend with my lovely wife backpacking and hiking the outdoors, completed unplugged.
Landon Clark
Landon ClarkPC Complete Care Technician
I service all home user PC Complete Care customer tickets from optimizations and cleanups, to troubleshooting issues. Bringing outstanding customer service and assistance Part-Time to all PC Complete Care customers for Bytes Computer & Network Solutions from a remote location. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people, hunting, fishing, and eSports. I run my own business from home creating gaming-related YouTube Content and Live Streaming on Twitch. I also train players and teams to compete in Rainbow Six eSports.
Korey Spencer
Korey SpencerProfessional Services Engineer
Once the plans are laid out and the designs are finished, I’m the guy who puts it all together. From desktops and small business network setups, to medium networks, servers, storage, and virtualization. I put in the time and make sure the job is 100% and that extra mile is crossed. In my free time I like gaming and streaming. You can usually find me online at
Zach Harris
Zach HarrisOperations Manager
I manage systems and resources for Bytes Computer. Those range from the applications and systems to the technicians that assist our clients. I’m a golfer and a gamer and also have a side project doing computer ratings for college sports.
Steph Lewis
Steph LewisAccounting / Human Resources / Marketing
I have many different jobs at Bytes. I handle the HR department, daily accounting, and I am now a valued member of the marketing team. I have been with Bytes since 2009.

I am a native of the Scottsbluff area. I attended Scottsbluff High School and went on to college at EWC, where I graduated with a AAS degree and a cosmetology license in 1999.

I enjoy the company of my family, friends, and pets. I have many hobbies that include golf, camping, fishing. Most of all I enjoy cheering on my kids in the many sports and activities they are involved in.

Ashley Moens
Ashley MoensService Desk Manager
I am proud to be the live voice on the other end of the phone when you need our help. My role within the Bytes Team is to ensure your issues and questions are taken care of to the best of our ability. I feel I have a unique perspective as a former client of Bytes. I understand what it is like to be on the other side of the coin. After working with our team as a client, I am excited to be an integrated member of the Bytes family. I thoroughly enjoy building relationships with our clients, and especially enjoy the rare occasion of getting to put a face with a voice.

I am one of those obnoxiously proud mothers that will gloat about my daughter at any given, or not given, opportunity. I am happiest when surrounded by my amazing family and friends, but can also be found cooking or curled up with a good book.

Jason Hamilton
Jason HamiltonService Desk Technician II
Provide networking and computer support for local businesses in order for them to become more successful and profitable. I enjoy the challenge and complexity of working in the Information Technology field. Also, I play lead guitar at Northfield Church.
Richard Evans
Richard EvansService Desk Technician
I maintain and/or repair client computers, applications, and networks.
I am a big car nut who spends most of his down time working on or driving them. At this time own two project cars and a daily driver, and over the course of my life have owned 10 cars so far.
Feleipe Bustos
Feleipe BustosService Technician
I work in the service department, mainly helping home users with their computers. This includes computer scans and cleaning out the computers. I solve hardware issues for home and work computers and set-up new computers for home users and businesses with onsite installation for business as well. I’m very passionate about learning new forms of technology. I travel a lot mostly back to New England where I’m from. Most of my time I spend reading or working on my bachelors from Bellevue University. When I am relaxing I like to watch movies and play videos games.
Michael Anderson
Michael AndersonTechnology Coordinator
I’m the person on the other end of the phone when you call or you submit your tickets online. I’m the service coordinator here at Bytes Computer. I create and manage ticket flow to make sure we’re meeting our service agreement with you. I follow up to let you know we are here for you and care about your IT needs as well as to make sure we are meeting all expectations as your IT support provider. I push myself to make sure that every client feels like their issue is important no matter big or small.

At the moment I’m attending WNCC part time to better my knowledge in the IT field. I really enjoy it. When I’m not helping provide the best service to our clients I’m home with my family being the best father/ husband I can be. In my spare time I enjoy just about anything family related, riding motocross, and working on anything with a motor.

Our Expertise is Technology. Our Business is making Technology work for You.