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custom-it-projects-business-scottsbluff-neCustom IT projects are the customization of your network. As each business is different, we are here to customize your network for the efficiency and protection that you need.

You’ve got the need, we’ve got the know-how.

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Network Design

A good network is vital to a thriving business, we’ll make sure yours keeps a strong heartbeat. Connect your workstations, data and employees reliably and securely, with your own in-house server. Minimize downtime, miscommunication, and data loss with our comprehensive network design, and management, tailored to your business.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

40% of data loss is attributed to hardware failure. You’ve worked hard to build the foundation of your business, we’ll help keep it intact regardless of possible disaster or hardware failure. With cloud and/or offsite backup and a recovery plan in place, you can continue to do business, should the unthinkable happen.

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Virtualization with Bytes Computer

You need cost effective solutions. We deliver them. Streamline your resources with virtual storage, virtual computing, and virtual networking, to simplify management and drive down costs. Virtualization delivers a consistently great user experience across operating systems and devices, to build a more agile, more competitive business in a world online.

Desktop Virtualization

Get multiple desktops & applications through a single platform. No more bogged down desktops, or slow machines. Every time you log in, it’s like having a new computer. VMWare Horizon 6 reduces your total cost of ownership, ensuring end users can work anytime, anywhere, across any device.

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Server Virtualization

Dramatically improve your ROI. Server Virtualization enables you to consolidate servers, add storage, and increase memory while reducing your IT footprint. With centralized resources, you can simplify your IT management; streamlining your business now and growing seamlessly with you.

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Enjoy universal security, with local service. We offer the freedom of iron clad security with an affordable flat rate and local service. With Bytes Computer at the helm, you’ll no longer deal with coverage lapses, unperformed scans or unreachable customer service.
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Custom Applications

Repetitive tasks in the office cost time and money. We’ll put technology to work for you with a custom application made specifically for your needs. Whether it’s repetitive data entry, form filing, going paperless or just about any other office burden that is costing you money, Bytes can create the app to save your resources.
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Industry Specific Solutions

Every industry is different. At Bytes, we implement a proactive approach to IT across all the industry specific platforms our clients use.

Because we work with a number of industries, we’ve become very familiar with several specific platforms. If we haven’t worked in your industry, we educate ourselves on your software, stay on top of trends, improved technology and design solutions that will grow along with you.  Industries