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I can’t believe I just lost my Christmas photos

We’ve all had it: that sinking feeling when you realize your computer has crashed and you have no backup.  You just lost your photos!  You scramble, search and fret, but it’s too late  – they’re gone. Really. Big. Bummer.

Right now is the time for your ounce of prevention: Bytes Computer Cloud Backup

Easy and Affordable Cloud Backup

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions offers Bytes Cloud Backup Solution. This automated managed backup system backs up files on a schedule you pick. It detects changes to your files and backs up incrementally offsite to M<iliotary-Grade encrypted servers in the cloud. It’s simple, inexpensive and above all automated. We work with you to set it up once, and then your files are safe!

Base package includes 10 GB of storage.

Don’t wait for a hard drive crash. Call now or stop by and let us safeguard your precious memories.

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